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My name is Bryan, but everyone knows me as "Rocky". I was born in Colorado in 1960 and after many many journeys I have returned to Colorado, so you can say I am a "Native". My love of music goes back to when I was 5 years old. I lost a very important family member and music was the only way to cope with the lost.  My parents, bless them both, saw the love of music and provided me with the tools I needed, record players, musical instruments etc. I use to wear out record players like crazy, lol. My Grandpa Halstead was also a very big part in my musical background. He use to hand make Violins and I would sit for hours listening to him play. So growing up, anything to do with music I was involved with. High School Choirs, Bands I was there. I was fortunate enough in high school to attend the Reno Jazz Festival in Reno Nevada and I also have been to the Grande Ole' Opry House in Nashville, TN. I met Pam (DjMsBunny) a couple of years ago and recently our paths crossed again, she offered me a chance to DJ at a previous station. And when she started Blue Thunder Radio, I was there in a musical note, lol.

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