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DJ MsBunny

Hi Ev-1!!  My name is Pam. I was blessed with 3 wonderful boys and 1 beautiful girl. I was born and raised in Missouri. After graduation it was time for me to find my grounds. I joined the military and went to Guam. Yep I did..lol Then I moved to Oregon and loved it! Now to just spread my wings a little more, I moved to North Carolina and that was an experience.  Moved back to Missouri and here I am..

I have a love for music. Music never dies! I was given the opportunity to join an Internet Radio Station and wow. I have now DJ'd for 7 years and it keeps getting better!!

I am the owner of BlueThunderRadio.org and I can't stress how much this means to me to be able to bring my music to y'all again and to have such a great TEAM! This Bunny has really spread her wings only to find she has met some AWESOME people right here online and that I have!!

We are an All Request Radio Station, we all have Yahoo Messenger so get them REQUESTS in! Now let's Rock  these "AIR WAVES" folks. See Ya on the AIR!!

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